GE Alfalfa

GE alfalfa


Monsanto’s spin: We won. The Supreme Court reversed the injunction!

Center for Food Safety’s (CFS) spin: “it is still illegal to sell or plant GM alfalfa.”

The Details

Yes the Supreme Court on June 21, 2010 reversed the injunction a lower court in San Francisco imposed on Monsanto saying “the District Court’s injunction against planting (GM alfalfa) went too far,” Justice Samuel Alito.

The True Food Network, an extension of the CFS, said, “Monsanto asked the Supreme Court to rule on three main issues: 1) to lift the injunction on GMO alfalfa; 2) to allow the planting and sale of GMO alfalfa; 3) to rule that contamination from GMO crops not be considered irreparable harm.”

Monsanto won the first issue but lost the more important second and third issues.

Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of CFS, said, “… the Court did not make any ruling that could have been hurtful to National Environmental Policy Act or any other environmental laws. In addition, the Court opinion supported the Center’s argument that gene flow is a serious environmental and economic threat.”

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa as a “regulated crop”, which means it “is therefore illegal to plant”. The lower court also determined that the USDA violated the National Environmental Policy Act and other environmental laws when it approved Round-up Ready alfalfa.

It is organiztions like the CFS that counterbalances environmental corporate abuse in the courts and the True Food Network that keeps the general public aware of food issues, because main stream media lacks the knowledge, understanding and interest in Genetic Engineering of our food supply.

The Science

Monsanto, USDA, FDA with their revolving door lawyers and executives say genetic engineering (GE) is safe and proclaim it is going to feed the world with no valid scientific studies.

Many dozens of consumer advocate organizations CFS, Public Citizen, Organic Consumers, Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club, etc. report on scientific studies around the world – laboratory, clinical, epidemiological, anecdotal – that proves and implies the dangers and unintended consequences of GE. They do not want to stop research. They just do not want careless premature research to leak out into the environment and damage people, plants, the planet or world economic markets.

Do not take my word. Search the Internet and these web sites and judge for yourself: type in search terms “Monsanto June 21, 2010” for the 48 page pdf opinion,,,,,,,,, etc.

The Laws

According to US Organic Laws, if a crop is genetically engineered it can not be labeled organic. Given the popularity and interest in organics the entire market can be eliminated if GE crops contaminate neighboring organic farms – one by one, state by state, country by country.

If the public does not get educated and take a stand, the biotechnology giants will control the entire food chain for better or worse!!!???

When and where in the History of Humankind has scientists, or legislators competed with Nature and won. All our successful accomplishments in aerospace, physics, engineering, medicine, agriculture, etc. come from Cooperating with The Laws of Nature.

The Future

The future can belong to the consumer if the consumer gets educated and acts responsibly to keep corporations, government regulators and politicians on a sustainable course. Education and Responsible Action!!!  Are you up for it???



56 Membes of House and Senate, June 23, ask USDA to Keep Ban on GM Alfalfa.

Submitted by: Frank Schaller