The “Soil-Food-Health Forum” was created by Frank Schaller (inspired by Clinton Miller) after attending (Summer ’07) a Legislator’s Luncheon on an Amish Farm talking about Raw Milk, Commerce, Government Regulators, Liberty, Freedoms, Health, etc.  I Learned about and read THE UNTOLD STORY OF MILK, a book written by Ron Schmid, ND, and a month later submitted a 4 page written and verbal testimony to the Pennsylvania Senate Agricultural Committee Hearing on Raw Milk.
Since 1976 I have been a “student and advocate” for Natural Foods, Holistic Health, Natural Living, Organic Gardening/Farming, and now have added Sustain-ability.
My most recent project is to create this Web Site, Radio Programs, Movie Marathons and other Public Forums so that people can learn and decide for themselves how sustain-able or toxic a world they want to live in.  We all must do our part to learn and make conscious decisions, sometimes individually, sometimes collectively, to improve the world or to allow special interests to pollute the world we and our children are living in.
Balanced Education is necessary for Informed Consent in a free society.
“We must look to Nature for all our answers.”    Leonardo da Vinci