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SUSTAIN – to maintain, or cause to continue, in existence or a certain state.   … to keep in existence, … to provide sustenance or nourishment.      Websters New Collegiate.

SUSTAINto keep alive.      Cambridge.org

SUSTAIN – strengthen or support physically or mentally.       Oxforddictionaries.com

SUSTAINABILITY – social and environmental practices that protect and enhance the human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own.      U.S.Environmental Protection Agency



Check out Earth Quaker Action Team’s information on their 40 Days of PRAYER AND FASTING in support of the Families in Appalachia, who need your help and my help to end the devastating practice of MountainTop Removal.


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This link takes you to their Home Page.


Please, Please, Please,  see this video and tell others about it, then go to their home page and learn more.

For years, the people of Appalachia have been trying to save our land, our water, our mountains, their health, their lives, their culture, their heritage, their future.

Again in 2011 they have a one paragraph bill, HR 1310.

Please go to their web site, learn more and help the families of Appalachia by getting HR 1310 passed in Washington.

Thank You

Again in 2012 our Federal legislators failed the people and the mountains of Appalachia. We must keep educating our fellow Americans about the damage to our Appalachaian land, streams, air (as much as “3 million pounds of explosives a week”) and to the people living in harms way whose heritage and health is being destroyed day by day.

Again in 2013 They have resurrected their one paragraph bill, new number is HR 1837 to amemnd the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to define “fill Material” in an effort to protect our head waters, valley streams and rivers.

Also introduced 2/6/2013 is HR 526 – ACHE Act – Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act.http://acheact.org/

Ok in 2014, let us see if we can get these bills passed and get some relief for Our Fellow Citizens in Appalachia.

Learn More at: www.ilovemountains.org
Then “link” it and tell all your family and friends.  It takes a lot of people to stop Pollution.

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Organic Agriculture can feed the World

Rodale Institute’s ongoing 30 year study “THE FARMING SYSTEMS TRIAL”
is one of many scientific studies that proves the obvious:
Cooperate with, Don’t force NATURE.
See this 30 year study at:

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Every Parent, Grandparent, planetary citizen

needs to watch this 22 minute youtube video titled “10 Americans” by the Environmental Working Group.


Environmental Working Group

is fighting for all 7 billion people on earth and the billions yet unborn. Learn more at



“Choose what is right,
                   Habit will make it easy and agreeable”
                                                                                  Galileo Galilei
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